Jeb Corliss Joins Usher as Judge for Megastar Online Talent Competition

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAgvAAAAJGQ1YTAyMWY5LTIzMTQtNDY0Yy1hNDA3LTJmZDg2OGM4N2Y3NAJeb Corliss was tapped by Megastar App as a co-judge alongside R&B superstar Usher. Megastar is poised to be the biggest online talent competition which will seek out the next big star in several categories including dance, music, magic, extreme and sports…to name a few. The winner of the competition, as judged by app users and Megastar judges, will win $1,000,000.00. This is the largest prize ever given in an online competitions of this sort.

Jeb is currently working with Usher and the Megastar team to give out “golden tickets” to push special talent all the way through the final.