Lopez Gets Fourth at CPH Open

2099_900Louie Lopez had a great week at the always entertaining and non stop party that is CPH Open. Louie skated various events and wound up winning the jump ramp first place honors and fourth in street super final. Louie got second in the street semi’s just behind Nyjah Huston. Louie has become one of the most consistent pros out and is currently working on a new video part with Thrasher.

Lopez Gets 2nd at Copenhagen

1046Louie Lopez was on fire in Copenhagen last week and took home 2nd place in the “Triangle” during the Copenhagen Pro. One of skateboarding’s most unique and fun contests, the boys at The Boardr put on a week of events that culminate in one street contest at the Triangle. Many called this some of the best skating they have ever seen Louie do in a contest.

Stoked for Louie and glad all the boys, including Arto and Nordberg, had a blast.