Jeb Corliss Joins Usher as Judge for Megastar Online Talent Competition

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAgvAAAAJGQ1YTAyMWY5LTIzMTQtNDY0Yy1hNDA3LTJmZDg2OGM4N2Y3NAJeb Corliss was tapped by Megastar App as a co-judge alongside R&B superstar Usher. Megastar is poised to be the biggest online talent competition which will seek out the next big star in several categories including dance, music, magic, extreme and sports…to name a few. The winner of the competition, as judged by app users and Megastar judges, will win $1,000,000.00. This is the largest prize ever given in an online competitions of this sort.

Jeb is currently working with Usher and the Megastar team to give out “golden tickets” to push special talent all the way through the final.

Blanco Joins Swatch Global Team

photoTia Blanco was recently added to the Swatch Global Athlete Team. Tia will join the likes of pro surfers Coco Ho and Courtney Conlogue and will exclusively wear their watches. Excited to surf with such great peers, Tia will soon be seen in a global ad campaign for the brand.

Congrats on another great signing Tia!

BMX Madman Broc Raiford Joins RPRT

IMG_9950Street BMX wizard Broc Raiford has signed on to the RPRT BMX squad. Known for his massive hops and big tricks, Broc is a great addition to the team. Broc’s creativity and ability to link tricks, combined with being able to bunny hop over four feet, has made him one of the most exciting street BMX athlete’s to watch. An X-Games bronze medalist, Broc has also won the first Vans Invitational.

In addition to riding BMX, Broc is an incredible artist who loves to skate and ride moto.

Welcome to the family Broc!!!

Roberta Mancino To Speak at New Yorker Festival

heroRoberta Mancino will be part of a panel at the upcoming New Yorker Festival entitled “Fearless.” Roberta will attend the event in NY and you will be able to hear her speak Saturday October 7th at 10 a.m. along with several other adventure athletes.

To attend the event, you may buy tickets HERE.