Jeb Corliss Signs with Recon Instruments


Jeb Corliss has just signed on to partner with the direct-to-eye innovations company, Recon Instruments. Recon has created the world’s first GPS, communication and performance goggle and eyewear product line.

Jeb has been a big fan and early adopter of the product which he calls, “the single most important piece of equipment I have ever bought.”

Congrats on the signing Jeb. Jeb will be representing Recon as he films for HBO Films in Africa next month.

Scotty Vine Wins “Best Trick” at Nike Chosen Event

Scotty Vine won “Best Trick” this weekend at the Nike Chosen Rail Jam with a front side 360 into the “C” rail at the contest. Lots of ripping went down, including the always impressive Ryan Paul front flips into the down rail.

A few bills richer, Scotty is starting off the season right! Congrats Scotty.

Jeb Corliss to Shoot for HBO Real Sports

Jeb Corliss will be the subject of a documentary for HBO Real Sports. Jeb will be traveling to South Africa with HBO in January to visit a spot that he almost died at 10 years ago. Jeb will be jumping at this spot along with other spots around the country. No information yet on when the piece will air.

Roberta Mancino Shoots With Trace Sports

Model, Wingsuit Pilot and BASE jumper extraordinaire Roberta Mancino continues the media onslaught filming a documentary piece this week with European HD channel Trace Sports and IMG. Among the programs they have already completed or begun filming are profiles of Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, Juan Agudelo, Maria Sharapova and Mark Webber.

Louie Lopez gets 4th at Tampa Am

Over 240 skaters descended on what is arguably the most important amateur skate contest of the year this weekend. RPRT skaters Louie Lopez and Curren Caples were both there to represent. Louie came out with a 4th place finish overall and skated consistently as hell. Curren came out with a solid couple runs in the qualifiers but just missed the mark getting to the semi’s. Good one boys!

Ryan Paul Invited To Winter X Games

Ryan Paul has been invited to this year’s Winter X Games in Aspen to compete in the “street” category. Ryan has been slaying rails and urban landscapes like crazy the last few years and our money is on RP to medal for sure!