Langi and Caples Dominate Empire Backyard Jam

RPRT bowl grinders Andrew Langi and Curren Caples traveled to Quebec for the weekend to compete in the 2011 Empire Backyard Party. Andrew came away with the top spot and Curren nabbed a close second place! Good on ya boys. The tear continues…

David Gonzalez Gets 3rd at Manny Mania

David Gonzalez was in NY this last weekend to support his brother who came all the way from Columbia to compete in the Red Bull Manny Mania contest. David wound up getting invited to skate in the pro contest and ended the day with a respectable third place finish.

Congrats Gonzo!

Kelly Bolton Stunt in New DC Shoes Gymkhana 4

Ken Block from DC Shoes has single handedly made Rally Car racing and drifting cool in the USA. For his long anticipated 10-min epic saga Gymkhana 4 commercial he hired top notch directors, closed the Universal back lot and shot an incredible piece highlighting his driving skills.

RPRT client and DC Shoes BMX pro athlete Kelly Bolton was brought in to do a stunt for the video in the role of the Sasquatch. It took one take to do this very dangerous stunt and Kelly has a really nice credit in the end of the piece.

In less than a week the video has gotten 4 million views. To watch it please go HERE.

Shane Borland and Curren Caples To Re-Sign With FCS

Skate phenoms Curren Caples and Shane Borland have both committed to re-signing their deal with Surf Hardware and their associated brands FCS, Gorilla Grip and Headhunter Suncare. Both boys are also incredible surfers and they are some of the few kids in the world with high level sponsorships in both sports.

Surf Hardware is perhaps the most well known and respected surf accessory company and sponsors the best surfers in the world.

Ryan Paul Added to New Mtn. High Pro Team

Mountain High announced its new pro team this week and RPRT’s Ryan Paul is one of six snowboarders on the roster.

The team consists mainly of local up-and-coming boarders, but Ryan, from Minnesota, was picked to be a part of the team due to the Mtn. High brass considering him one of the best new riders on the scene.

Look for RP to be involved in great promos and events at Mtn. High during the 2011-2012 season.

Curren Caples Gets Third At Coastal Carnage

Coming off a disasterous slam at X Games, Curren Caples came back the following week to get 3rd place at this year’s Coastal Carnage at the US Open.

Andrew Langi also made it into the finals placing 10th overall. Andrew will be skating in the Dew Tour bowl contest this weekend in Portland as well.

Congrats boys!

Jeb Corliss’ China Jump Set for Sept. 24

The world is waiting for Jeb Corliss to move next and a date has been set! Jeb, with the help of the Chinese government and Red Bull China, will be the first person to BASE jump and wingsuit through Tianmen Mountain’s iconic “Heaven’s Gate.” The stunt will be aired on Chinese national television and will be part of the Tianmen Mountain Sky Festival.

Luan Oliveira Nabs Silver Medal in X Games!

Luan Oliveira barely missed a gold medal in the street contest during X Games 17. Going into the finals with a first place standing (score 0f 91.0), Luan skated incredibly but in the end lost the gold to Nyjah Huston by only .67 points.

Also congrats to David Gonzalez and Andrew Langi for making finals in skate (DG – Street and Park + AL – Park).

Unfortunately both Kyle Loza and Curren Caples suffered last minute injuries preventing them from competing this year and Chad Kerley was not bumped up to compete BMX street from the alternate spot. Josh Hansen competed in Best Whip as well.

Congrats to all and get better Curren and Kyle!